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How To: Sketch Kut That Out Designs with Silhouette Cameo 3

Posted by on 4/9/2017 to How To
How To: Sketch Kut That Out Designs with Silhouette Cameo 3

So… coloring books for grown-ups are all the rage, right?  We were inspired to combine that trend with our beloved Exclusive Scroll designs for this Sketch Project.  This project has been on my bucket list for some time! This post will give you a list of supplies needed, take you through the software setup, and hopefully inspire you to try something new with our designs!

 Please note that we are using a Silhouette Cameo 3 and Silhouette Studio Designer Edition software (version 3.8.113) for this project.


Supply List: 

  • Amy Chomas brand pen holder or other tool for holding sketching pens and markers
  • Card Stock and/or Envelope (or other sketchable material of your choice)
  • Kut That Out designs of your choice.  We used Exclusive Scroll Bunny Design & Exclusive Elegant Scroll Monogram Font
  • Basic Bic brand ballpoint pen (again, your choice here.  We went simple!)

Before beginning, I purchased a pen holder.  This is the Amy Chomas brand and was purchased from Amazon.  Note:  If you research you will find there are all kinds of hacks and alternatives to purchasing this tool, but we went straight for the gusto and bought this tool made specifically for the purpose of sketching.   This pen holder is made from aluminum so it’s not as heavy as it looks.  My experience has been that it holds very basic, straight barreled style pens.  It will not hold pens that have a curvy grip area, nor did it hold any of my fine tipped Sharpies.  There is a different tool, sold separately, that is meant to hold markers.  The pen holder comes with full instructions and also a little miniature popsicle stick that helps to set the pen to the correct depth within the pen holder. 


To get started, I removed the blade and inserted the pen holder into my blade housing.  Then I inserted the pen, using the popsicle stick as directed (slide it underneath the pen tip so the pen does not sit too far down), and then carefully tightened the screw to hold the pen in place.

Next, I choose and set up my designs for sketching.  Here I’m showing you the letter B from our Exclusive Elegant Scroll Monogram Font as an example of how to set up your project in the Silhouette Studio software.  The software setup for the bunny is the same basic set of steps.   Start by opening the design into your software. Size and place the design as desired so it will sketch where you need it to.  I used a basic measuring/eyeballing technique ~ nothing fancy! 

Once the design is sized and placed, access your Cut Settings window.  With the design selected, choose “Cut” and for the Cameo 3, choose the appropriate tool (Tool 2 for me).  (I would not recommend putting this into the auto blade holder which is Tool slot 1.)

From the Materials menu, choose the “Silhouette Sketch Pen” option as your material.  

Once you have your tool and material chosen, then scroll down and choose “Sketch Pen” as your blade type.  I reduced the thickness setting just slightly before sketching but you can experiment to see what works best with your machine and supplies.  Doing a test on scrap paper is always advisable! 

Place the envelope, cardstock or other material on your cutting mat, load the mat and then you are ready to send the design over to your machine for sketching!

After sketching the B and the Scroll Bunny, I used colored pencils to get a little therapeutic coloring started!

This is a basic sketch project with a basic ballpoint pen, but you can get creative!  Use colorful pens or markers. Try patterned cardstock.  Add embellishments of your choice to dress up your sketches! 

We hope this inspires you to try something new.  We would love to see what you do with your Kut That Out designs!!! 

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