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How To: Open your Kut That Out design files in Silhouette Studio

Posted by on 4/3/2017 to How To
How To:  Open your Kut That Out design files in Silhouette Studio

If you’re here reading this post, congratulations!  You have successfully created a Kut That Out account, purchased, and downloaded your designs!  Now it’s time to unzip and open your design files so you can get kuttin’!  This tutorial demonstrates opening SVG and DXF files using Silhouette Studio Designer Edition on a MAC.  We will discuss file editing and cutting in a future blog post!

Let’s start by finding the designs that you downloaded. (If you need help downloading your files, check out this blog post).   Files will download to whatever folder you have specified in your computer settings.  For me, that means files go to a folder called “Downloads”.  If you are on a MAC, you will probably have the same settings and you may also find that your file is automatically unzipped for you as you download from our website.  If not, you must unzip the folder before opening the designs in your software. 

TIP:  Before unzipping or opening files, we suggest that you move your downloaded files into a location that makes them easy for you to find and work with in the future.  Perhaps you would like to create a “Kut That Out” folder and drop all your designs there.  Once you have files placed in a logical spot that makes sense to you, you can proceed to unzipping and opening. 


To unzip on a MAC, you can simply double-click the zipped folder.  To unzip on a Windows PC, right-click the zip folder and choose “Extract”.  Now your files are ready to open.  

TIP:  If you are using the basic, free version of Silhouette Studio, open the DXF format files.  We HIGHLY recommend purchasing the paid upgrade to Designer Edition, which allows you to use SVG format files. 

There’s more than one way to open a file into Silhouette Studio and a variety of ways to access the tools needed.  For instance, you may prefer to use keyboard shortcuts where we use menu bars.  Feel free to do what works for you! 

  • Open your Silhouette Studio software
  • Click File - Open
  • Navigate to the desired folder.
  • Click the file to select it and then click the OK button

TIP:  With single design files, both the DXF and SVG are usually stored in the same folder.  If you are working with one of our fonts, you may find that DXF and SVG files are further separated into sub-folders.  Simply choose the appropriate subfolder and follow the steps above. 



Let’s stop here and discuss a couple of special notes about SVG vs. DXF.  As mentioned, if you are using the basic free version of Silhouette Studio, you will need to open the DXF format files.  If you have upgraded to Designer Edition or higher, you can use SVG format files.  You do NOT need to trace these designs!  They are already working cut files, so simply select the design and then turn on the cut lines in your Cut Settings window.  You will notice that our SVG files are grouped and filled with color.  Our DXF files are not filled with color and you may find that they are ungrouped so that each piece of the design is a separate object.  We will explore preparing, grouping/ungrouping, and cutting these files more in a future blog post!


BONUS TIP:  If you are using one of our fonts and need to merge multiple letters together, here is one of our favorite methods among the many that are out there! 

  • Open your Silhouette Studio software
  • Click File - Open
  • Navigate to the desired folder.
  • Click the letter you want and then instead of clicking the OK button, take the letter and drag it over onto your workspace.  The letter does NOT have to land on the mat on your screen.  Just drag it over into Silhouette Studio and you can move and size it later as desired. 
  • Repeat this process for each letter needed and then when done, click “Cancel” to close out the file-open window. 


Now all your letters should be on your Silhouette Studio screen and you can edit as needed!  I personally prefer this method over opening each letter separately or using the “Merge” tools built-in to Silhouette Studio, but feel free to experiment and see what works best for you!

Thanks for reading and Happy Kuttin'! 




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