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How To: Download Your Kut That Out Design Files

Posted by Kaycee Jenkins on 4/4/2017 to How To
How To: Download Your Kut That Out Design Files

Thank you for your purchase and congratulations!  You've successfully set up your account and purchased some designs.  Now that you are the proud owner of new cut files, you need to download them to your computer.  Below is a step-by-step guide for downloading your Kut That Out designs!  

Every time you place an order, you should get a confirmation email that includes a download link for each design that you ordered. Don’t see that email? It's almost always for one of two reasons.  First, many factors can affect how quickly the email reaches you, including traffic on our website, your Internet Service Provider’s traffic & speeds, Paypal’s response time etc. After allowing some time for the email to reach you, be sure to check the junk/spam folder in your email inbox just in case the email landed there.  

If you’ve done those two things but STILL don’t see the email ~ Never Fear!   It’s easy to download your designs directly from your account on our website!   

Start by visiting www.KutThatOut.com and click the “My Account” link at the top right corner of the homepage.  

If you are not already logged in, you will need to enter your username and password to log in.

Once logged in, look for a section called “Track Your Recent Orders”. You will see your three most recent orders here.  Click “View Details” for the appropriate order.  

Note:  If you need to access an older order, click "View All" on the right side of the screen instead, and then choose "View Order" on the appropriate order.

Once you have clicked “View Details” (or "View All" and then "View Order" for older orders), you should then see a screen similar to this.  Click the “Click Here to Download” link on the item you want.  

Now you should see a screen similar to the one below.  You have just one more step to download your file!  Choose the specific file you want and click “Click here to download” link on this screen for each item you want to download.  

Your files will be downloaded to wherever you specify in your computer settings.  (Usually files land in a folder called “Downloads", but this may vary depending on your specific settings). We highly recommend that you create a specific Kut That Out folder to move your files into and then organize as you wish from there.  Now you are ready to unzip, open the file in your software, and start cutting!!! 

Thanks for reading and enjoy your Kut That Out designs!!!


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