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HOW TO: Use our Updated Font Files

Posted by Kaycee J. on 9/15/2017

We have exciting news to share with you.  Our font files have been updated to make them super easy to use!  If you already own any of our fonts (exceptions noted in the paragraph below), return to your account, log in and re-download to get the new files. 

Previously, each letter was saved as a separate SVG or DXF file.  That meant that if you wanted to spell out a name, phrase or monogram, you had to open multiple files and merge each letter together one at a time.  Now, you can open ONE file, ungroup the letters, and click to select the letters you need.  (NOTE:  The exceptions are our Exclusive Elegant Scroll Monogram and Two Color Elegant Scroll Monogram fonts.  Since those fonts are typically used only one letter at a time, we have not updated those files).

Let’s take a closer look at how to use these new updated font files! We will be demonstrating this technique using Silhouette Studio V4 Software, but the basic concepts demonstrated here should apply to most any cutting machine software.  (Please note:  The screenshots included in this blog post are watermarked, however; your purchased files will NOT include watermarks.)



Start by opening the lettering file in your format of choice.  We are using the SVG file.  (NOTE: If you have the basic, free version of Silhouette Studio, you will need to use the DXF format file.)


Once you have opened the file, you will need to ungroup the letters so you can use each letter individually.  You can ungroup in a couple of ways.

1.     First, select the letters

2.     Next, right click and choose “UNGROUP” (OR select OBJECT-UNGROUP from the menu bar at the top).

3.     Now each of the letters is an individual object. 



Let’s say we want to use Natural Circle to create a three-letter monogram. 


1.     Click to select the first letter you need. 

2.     Hold down the SHIFT key and click the next two letters you need.

3.     Now you have all three letters selected.

4.     Click Copy (you can copy by using right click, use the menu bar, or press CTRL-C in Windows or CMD-C on a MAC)

5.     Open a new, blank file in your software and PASTE the letters there.


Now that you have the letters pasted, you can work on arranging, sizing and aligning them.  Silhouette studio has some alignment tools that can help! Check out our two methods of alignment below and decide which you prefer to use. 



Start by scooting the letters around so that they are in the right order and then use the alignment tools to make a nice symmetrical circle!



BONUS:  Here are a couple of extra tips for aligning our Natural Circle font. If you really really really want SUPER PERFECT alignment, try using this technique:


1.     Click the “Draw Ellipse” tool.  Hold down your shift key and drag your mouse to draw a perfect circle the size you want your finished monogram to be. 

2.     Select and then fill the circle with a contrasting color.

3.     Send the circle to BACK so that it will sit behind your monogram letters.

4.     Arrange and size the letters inside the circle as shown.  Align the letters with the outer edges of the circle.    

5.     Once you have your monogram perfected, you can delete the circle.


After you have perfected your placement using one of the methods above, group the letters together (select them all, right-click and choose GROUP).  Save the file and you are ready to cut!



The same basic steps apply to other non-monogram fonts.  Here’s a quick look at using our EXCLUSIVE Amorette Font to create a name.


1.     Open the file in the format of your choice (we used the SVG file). 

2.     Select the letters and ungroup.

3.     Click on the individual letters that you need (Use the SHIFT key to select multiple letters)

4.     Copy and paste those letters into a new, blank file

5.     Arrange them in order and then use the alignment tools to help perfect the placement. NOTE:  When you have letters that have “tails” or large swirls, you may still need to tweak the placement even AFTER using the alignment tools.  See the example below. 

6.     Group the letters together after you have them arranged as desired.


Now you are ready to size the letters as you want, save them as a new file, and send to your cutting machine!

We hope you enjoy this time-saving update to our font files! 

Thanks for reading and Keep Kuttin’!

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