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HOW TO: Find and Install Fill Patterns into Silhouette Studio

Posted by Kaycee Jenkins on 4/21/2017 to How To
HOW TO:  Find and Install Fill Patterns into Silhouette Studio

We recently shared a fun Print and Cut project with you.  In that project, we used some fill patterns that we installed into our Silhouette Studio software.   Here's a step by step guide for finding and installing your own fill patterns with a special look at copyright and licensing issues! 


You can purchase fill patterns from the Silhouette Design Store (accessible from within your software). If you are selling your finished products, be sure to look for patterns that have a commercial license. The wonderful World Wide Web is also full of all kinds of lovely patterned images.  Here are some tips for finding images that are public domain or licensed for reuse commercially.  Best of all, there are loads of FREE ones! 


There is any number of search terms you can use when looking around (scrapbooking, background, texture etc).  For the dragonfly design shown above, we searched “free watercolor images” and then studied the results to see what we could use for free without any copyright worries.  Try this when searching:

  • Type your search terms into Google and press Enter
  • Click Settings
  • Click Advanced Settings
  • Scroll down and change the Usage Rights to "Free to use, share or modify, even commercially"



Once you download your fill patterns, they are easy to install! The steps below describe our favorite method for installing these new files into your software.   (NOTE:  It is helpful if you shrink down your software window so that it fills only a portion of your screen as shown below.)  

  • Access your Library from within Silhouette Studio.  Locate your "Patterns" folder.  You can see that we chose the patterns folder located within our Silhouette Studio cloud storage.  (Read more about cloud storage for Silhouette Studio HERE). 
  • Leave your software window temporarily and find the file(s) that you downloaded.  
  • Bring back up your software window then click and drag the file(s) into your Patterns folder as shown.  
  • Now the pattern is ready and waiting for you to use! 

Thanks for reading and Keep Kuttin'!

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