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HOW TO: Etch Glass Ornaments

Posted by Kaycee on 12/6/2017 to How To
HOW TO:  Etch Glass Ornaments

Etching or Faux Etching?  How about both?   Get double duty use of your vinyl and twice the ornaments from a single cut!

You will need:

  • Adhesive vinyl:  We used Faux Etched Glass vinyl but you can use any adhesive vinyl of your choice.  We got our vinyl from a local supplier but you can order from a variety of places on the internet!  
  • Etching Cream:  We used this brand: https://etchall.com/product/etchall-etching-creme-5/
  • Ribbon, String, or Twine of your choice
  • Scissors
  • Vinyl Squeegee
  • Old towels or paper towels
  • Glass ornaments of your choice.  We used these: http://www.etchworld.com/Item/29-2611

Start with a great Kut That Out design.  We used our Exclusive Swirly Sleigh Design.  Draw a circle around the design in your software.  The circle should be approximately the size of your ornament.  (Since our ornaments have a beveled edge, our circle was sized to cover the flat part of the ornament.)

Center the design on top of the circle and size as desired.  We LOVE the look of this Faux Etched Glass vinyl.  (It looks silver here, but check out the final pics at the end of the post.  It mimics the look of etched glass!)   Send the circle and design to cut.

Carefully weed away the circle and “negative” portion of your design. This will be your etching stencil! Leave behind the “positive” portion of your design on the backing of the vinyl.  You will use this on your second ornament!

Transfer the stencil to your ornament.  

TIP:  To help apply your stencil, lay the stencil face down on your cutting mat (make sure your mat is not TOOOOOOO sticky) and then place the ornament face down on the stencil.  This helps get a nice, straight, even placement! 

Smooth down your stencil and make sure it is adhered securely.  


Follow the directions carefully on your etching cream to perform the etch.  Be sure to follow all the directions for etching, handling, rinsing and disposing of the cream. 

While the etching cream does its work, you can complete your second ornament!  Use transfer tape to lift the design that remains on your vinyl backing and transfer it to the second ornament.


Rinse, dry and check your etching before removing your stencil.  Once the etch is satisfactory, remove the stencil and clean your ornament to remove any last bits of residue or cream.

Attach your ribbon, string or twine for hanging and enjoy BOTH of your ornaments!!! (Etched ornament on left, Faux Etched Glass Vinyl ornament on right).  



Wyna Behel
Date: 12/6/2017
Fantastic use of materials and gorgeous ornaments! Thanks for the tutorial! Wyna

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